Here we are on the bleeding edge of a deadline and my production guru
who puts together our master PDF from multiple files of multiple
stand-alone books has encountered one file with suddenly +70 broken
cross-references to multiple different files (both from inside that
file's original stand-alone set and others).

He writes:

Unfortunately, the only fix I can do is of the one-by-one manual type.
The errors are odd: The messages say "Cannot find the file" etc., but as
I dig down to the target / source I AM finding the referenced headings
-- so they ARE there, they're not deleted -- but somehow over 70 of them
were broken. Normally, since the target / sources are there, they would
update automatically when the book is generated or x-refs are updated.
I've tried to update the x-refs using a variety of techniques, but they
simply won't update automatically like they should.

Anybody have an idea what might have happened? Do you have a clue as to
how to speed up fixing this sort of thing without having to visit each
and every cross-ref?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Sage DeRosier

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