Put a tag -- any format will do, although you may want to create a
unique one -- on the last page of the book. Type something in it, then
change the Font properties to white, so it's invisible. Save the file.

In the footers on the master pages of your chapters, set up your page
number area so that it uses the regular page number variable for the
regular page number and a cross reference to the page that carries the
"white tag" to get the total number of pages.


On 3/22/07, mcowan at <mcowan at> wrote:
> Does anyone know how I can solve the following problem?
> Document needs to have the typical page number with small romans for the TOC, 
> TOF, etc and Arabic numbering for the other chapters in the book.  (That's no 
> problem)
> HOWEVER, the problem come in when our contract requires us to have the 
> following in the header:
>   Pages:  xxx (# of xxx)
> I got the header set up, but for the # it pulls from the number of the page 
> in the document numbering format.

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