Whoa.  Stop.  You are doing this the hard way.  And you don't have to do a
global S&R.  There is a much easier way.

1. Import the new text.
2. Click on any paragraph with the ameritem tag.
3. in the para designer, replace the name ameritem with the name albody.
4. Click Update All.  Do NOT click Apply.
5. Frame will display a confirmation box saying "Rename all ameritem tags to
   Click Yes.  Now all the ameritem tags are renamed to albody, but do not
yet have the albody format.
6. Click any of the _original_ paragraphs that is tagged albody.
7. Click Update All.  Click Yes in the confirmation doalog box.  Now, all of
the allbody text is the same, including the imported text.

Repeat steps 2-7 for each imported tag.

Hope this helps.

Diane Gaskill

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I reorganizing and formatting for my client a manual that was prepared by
out-of-country firm. Both firms are using FrameMaker 7.0, but the source
firm uses a different format from the one my client uses. Importing text and
reassigning my client's paragraph tags to the source text, but I am doing
each paragraph manually.

Is there a way that I can import text from the source manual and globally
search and replace the paragraph tags? For example, the source manual uses a
ameritem tag for body text and my client uses a1body for the same text. My
client's format has about 25 tags so a global replacement would be a  big

Thanks in advance

Howard Rauch

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