Yes, you can do this with FrameScript. You would need to come up with a 
naming scheme for the new files you would create. With FrameScript, you can 
scan through all the documents in a book for tables and figures. When you 
find one, you create a new document, copy the table/figure to the new 
document, save the document, then insert a hypertext marker in place of the 
table/figure, using the name of the file.

Frank Elmore
Project leader for FrameScript

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> If this isn't the right list for this question please direct me elsewhere.
> I'm looking into Framescript and want to know if it has the capabilities I 
> need. I have a Frame book consisting of individual files. Nothing earth 
> shattering. The book is print ready and now I want to do the following:
> I want to strip out all the tables and figures and make them separate 
> files. I then want to insert links into the frame files to "hyperlink" to 
> these separate files.
> So in essence, I would have files consisting of just text, with links to 
> any figures and tables rather than having the figures and tables embedded 
> in the Frame files.
> Is this possible to do with Framescript?
> Thank you,
> Dottie Marsico
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