My thanks to several who applied offline for this. I trudged through but
also got some good suggestions.

1. What I did: Selected all para tags and all char tags and globally set
to U.S. English, leaving all else "As Is"
2. Suggestion 1: Save to MIF for general house-cleaning, bring back to
FM, then set all to U.S. English.
3. Suggestion 2: Save to RTF, run through Word's spell-checker and then
bring back.
4. Suggestion 3: Try the Character Tools and Paragraph Tools from
Silicon Prairie Software
5. Suggestion 4: Locate and employ the "Mark all paragraphs for
rechecking" option in Frame, so that it knows to recheck the paragraphs
that now have the correct language.

Appreciate the help,


From: Pinkham, Jim 
Sent: Tuesday, March 27, 2007 7:44 AM
To: framers at
Subject: Multilingual Doc Defies Spell Checker

I've got a book with documents that have Brazilian, Spanish, German, and
perhaps UK English ancestries. I've tried selecting paragraphs and using
the Paragraph Designer to set to U.S. English. This does not seem to be
working flawlessly, despite trying across-the-board updates of paragraph
types. For an entire document such as this, it would seem to be
intuitive that there has to be a better way. Is there? And, if so, what
is the correct process to get it all into U.S. English so the spell
checker works appropriately?

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