At 09:35 +0200 28/3/07, Menahem Rosen wrote:

>I recently sent a set of book files to a colleague in Denmark, who
>reports that she gets the following message when she opens a file in the
>"At least one original filter used for graphics imported by reference is
>not available, or the imported file's format has changed. An alternative
>filter may be used if the file is recognized as a graphic FrameMaker can

This is quite a common message when a FrameMaker document goes cross-platform, 
as for example Windows and Mac FrameMaker installations have different 
populations of graphic import filters. For example, FrameMaker for Windows can 
open .bmp files, while FrameMaker for Mac cannot. There are Unix examples too, 
as I remember.

You can find information about this is FrameMaker's online guide 'Working on 
multiple platforms'.

I cannot shad any light on the specifics of the WMF issue, but other may be 
able to.


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