--- Rick Quatro <frameexpert at truevine.net> wrote:
> have a document where the EDD uses format change
> lists for its formatting. 
> As a result there is a bare bones paragraph catalog,
> with each paragraph 
> tagged as *Body. When I remove the structure from
> the document, the 
> paragraph catalog now has a bunch of new formats,
> and each paragraph in the 
> document is tagged with one of the new formats. I am
> curious if this 
> behavior is documented and how FrameMaker derives
> the paragraph format 
> names. Thanks.
Each format change list has an unique tagname in the
EDD. That would be the most logical means of naming
the paragraphs when structure is removed. Often,
however multiple format change lists are applied to a
single paragraph element, which would make for very
long paragraph names in the unstructured version.

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