I am ruminating over a problem that I'd like to throw before the gurus here. It 
is a FrameMaker issue only in that the source is in FrameMaker.

We want to modularize a book for online delivery, which will be in the form of 
PDFs of book chunks. In a full-book online PDF, cross-references would appear 
and work as hyperlinks, as would the TOC, index and bookmarks. This is not 
possible cross-chunk if a book is split into chunks, although per-chunk 
bookmarks will still work.

I am wondering if a workaround would be to encode a whole-book PDF with some 
sort of DRM software such that access is restricted to the portions for which 
keys have been purchased. This would allow hyperlinks to be kept intact. I do 
not know whether commercial software exists to implement such a solution. 

Or is there some other way by which cross-references can still work?


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