I don't. Like I said in my head at the show, "yeah, sure."

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>> Framemaker will belaunched?
>> ... After getting an answer about
>> something, DITA support I think, I jokingly said, "So, if I told you
>> that we still have some Macs in our production and use FM on them
>> everyday, I suppose I should just turn around and walk away?" He
>> started talking about how FM runs quite nicely on Parallels and that
>> Adobe has several systems set up that way and he uses Macs himself.
>> Then he implied that there may be, at some point, a Mactel
>> version of
>> FM. I didn't believe that one bit and I wanted to say "Yeah, sure."
>> In fact, I was taken aback that he was even talking about Parallels
>> and couldn't stick with him in the conversation. I'd like to
>> see that but really don't expect it.
>> Will.
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> Don't expect the next major version of FrameMaker to have
> any Macintosh support!
>       - Dov

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