When using Sideheads, I found that if the table widths are relatively
small, table titles do not go into the sideheads.

Somebody once sent me a solution, which I find myself unable to do
again in a new document I am working on. This solution, as I recall,
was to create a new paragraph format, which was over the Sidehead
area, but had *negative* "before pgf" and "after pgf" settings to
help eliminate the extra spaces to the previous body paragraphs.

So, I redid a new format called, not surprisingly, "Table Anchor",
where I place the table. The font for this is set to 2 pts too.

I can get the table to go into the sidehead doing the above, BUT
the extra space does not go away (although it is less than before
due to the font size) - remains the same as if I had left the
space setting at 0!

Any hints as to how to fix this extra space problem?


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