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> I'm working with Structured FM 7.0 on Windows XP.
> I use a lot of variables in my manuals, typically
> for product lines and product names. Sometimes after
> I generate a structured book, the variable content >
> appears in Times New Roman instead of Verdana. It's
> really weird because it doesn't occur all the times
> or on all variables. It happens also in text insets.
The most likely cause is that the text which precedes
the variable insertion point is not in the Verdana

The assured way of fixing it is to do the following:

1. Add a character format named Verdana in which you
specify the font as Verdana, and the size as "As Is."

2. Open the Variable dialog, select, select a user
variable, and click Edit Definition to open the Edit
User Variable dialog.

3. Observe that the the new Verdana character format
now appears in the list of character formats.

4. Presumably, the definition slot now contains
nothing but the value of the user variable. Let's
assume that the current definition is "Blah."

5. Change the variable definition as follows:
<Ventana>Blah<default font> 

If this fails to correct the problem, then you have
identified another bug in Frame 7.0. 

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