Brilliant info Dianne, thanks for sharing this.

REALLY needs stored somewhere other than the archives, this kind of thing!


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Hi Rick,

As part of my research on FM and AT, I have also been looking at CMS.  And I
found some good info.  I know of at least three CMS systems that will work
with FM and I have just begun to scratch the surface of the lists I am
looking at.

FM7 can be used with SiberSafe XML CMS.  See the article at

It can also be used with Astoria.  Actually it's a second version called
Go to  There are many systems
described and compared on that site.  Incidentally, Astoria can also be used
with AT.

Another good CMS system that can be used with FM is Vasont.  Vasont has a
plug-in for FM that allows you direct access to the CMS.

The Vasont UI streamlines the writing and publishing process by providing an
editorial interface so that authors and editors can access Vasont?s
functionality from the main menu of their favorite authoring and publishing
tools, such as:
- Adobe? FrameMaker?
- Arbortext Epic Editor
- Just Systems XMetaL?
- Microsoft? Word

A CMS for Word...?  Yeah, but who'd wanna...  never mind.

Another good site with information on CMS is There
are about a hundred systems listed there.  You can select any 10 of them and
the site will build a table comparing those ten.

Incidentally, Adobe has officially adopted DITA and CMS.   See the article

I am hoping that FM8 (which I've read in another email on this list is a
full release with new features) will put this all together very nicely.

Hope this helps.



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Hello Framers,

Does anyone have a ready-list of CMS that work specifically with FrameMaker
documents? Thank you very much.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing


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