We have a maddening problem with the limited table rendering capacity of

The tables in the original FrameMaker document have a number of cells which
are greyed out using the Custom Ruling and Shading  function, to indicate
that the choice is not available. Some of these cells have text in them.

Webworks strips out the shading so the affected cells are displayed in
white. Also, we dislike the way Webworks displays each cell as a separate
box with thin ruled lines -the original table has a single ruled line
between each cell.

The only solution I can find is likely to be extremely time-consuming if it
is necessary to go back to the table at a later stage to edit it. This is,
to strip each table out of the FrameMaker document and save it as a PDF
file. FrameMaker will import PDF but Webworks still recognises it as a table
and does its' own thing to it. So I have copied the PDF content into Paint
Shop Pro or Photoshop and saved it as a .png file, then imported it back in
to the FrameMaker document as an embedded graphic.

The appearance is pretty much as the original table in the FrameMaker
document and Webworks can't mess with it as it is now a graphic. But taking
them all out, saving as PDF then as .png is such a palaver. 

Anyone got any better ideas?

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