Jeremy H. Griffith:

> So we're asking *you*.  What do you want that we don't
> already do?  Answer on-list or off, as you please; we
> figure it's on-topic for FrameMaker users in general,
> but if others don't think so, we can move it off list.

I know (believe, anyway) that FM finds its natural home in the technical
communication community, and I've used it that way -- a lot -- in the past.
But now I use it for academic writing. My chief motivation in obtaining Mif2Go
has nothing to do with generating help or HTML files; I use it to interface
with EndNote, because EndNote needs nice clean RTF. I can't guess at how many
other users, or how many other listers, have similar needs. But I wonder
whether anyone else in the same boat as me has thought about whether Mif2Go
could provide a tighter EndNote interface. (Don't ask me for details; I've no

Michael Lewis

Brandle Pty Limited, Sydney, Australia

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