Judie Vegh wrote:
> Hello Framers! 
> I've recently been updating FrameMaker books that have been handed down
> to me. At the end of some chapters, there is a blank page. To rid the
> book of these blank pages, I select Format > Page Layout > Pagination,
> and then Delete Empty Pages in the "Before Saving & Printing" drop-down
> select list. However, once I update the book, the empty page is
> regenerated. Why is this? 

Most likely because you have the following chapter set to start on a 
right hand page, and the content of the previous chapter ends on a right 
hand page.  The blank page must be inserted so there will be a left hand 
page between them.

It's also possible that the last page is not in fact blank. If it has 
even an empty pgf mark or end-of-flow mark, it will not be deleted.  Nor 
if it has a custom master page applied will it be deleted.

> Is there a problem with the template, or is FrameMaker notorious for
> generating blank pages after updating? 

FrameMaker is famous for doing exactly what it's told ;-)

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