Same system properties you describe, Acrobat 8 Pro bundled with CS3
Design Premium Upgrade. Last week, I made a post (Frame 7.2 crashes with
Acrobat 8 Pro) regarding frequent, random crashes. Unlike you, I was
unable to successfully create PDFs from all Frame files. I had success
with some individual files, but almost all book files crashed. In
addition, I also had the same problem you describe: random character
dropouts. In my research, I stumbled on a fix on the Adobe FrameMaker
forum ( Delete this
file (C:\Windows\System32\FNTCACHE.DAT), reboot, try again. Character
dropouts go away for a while, but it might happen so do this
periodically. I don't know of any patches yet.

Any help on Frame crashes with Distiller 8 would be great.

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Last week, as early as Friday, I was able to create PDFs from Frame
using Acrobat 8 Distiller with no problems. PDFs came out as expected.

  Today I create PDFs and Acrobat drops text and cross-reference links
at random.

  I have not made any changes to my system (Windows XP SP2, 2Gb RAM,
Frame 7.2, Adobe CS3).

  Has anyone else seen this?

  Has Adobe, in their infinite wisdom, downloaded a patch that I missed?

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