Hi Joanne...

This process may be different if your "structured" files were 
XML-sourced or structured FM binary files .. and if you still have the 
structured version or if it has already been flattened. I have some 
plugin code that processes cross-refs (to and from structure) that could 
probably be tweaked to do what you need .. it would depend on how much 
of the "link" still exists in the files. If its too far gone you may 
need to do some processing of MIF files to reconnect the broken 
references. If you're still in need of help with this feel free to send 
me an email off-list and we can talk more about what may be needed.


Scott Prentice
Leximation, Inc.

That Darned Writer wrote:
> Thanks, Art.  As I wrote to Fred, we are grasping for anything at this 
> point - there are so many now-broken references and (of course) little 
> time. We do use IXGen here, so we can give that a try.
> Art Campbell wrote:
>> I think Fred's comments are accurate, but if you do decide you want to
>> muck with markers, IXGen accomodates all types of FM markers, not just
>> index markers. So that would be my tool of choice...
>> Art
>> On 5/8/07, Ridder, Fred <fred.ridder at intel.com> wrote:
>>> I think you may be under a (common) misconception about
>>> the marker/paragraph option in the Cross-Reference dialog.
>>> That option does *not* change anything about the cross-
>>> references themselves. The option only changes the
>>> information that is displayed in the dialog.  In the one case,
>>> the dialog presents you with a list of existing x-ref markers
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