I would recommend that you look specifically at the XML support in
FrameMaker if XML is an option to you.

There are many other considerations in using FrameMaker ... here's just a

1. If you plan to migrate your Interleaf documents into structured XML, you
can make you of the conversion tables in FrameMaker. These can help to
convert your unstructured content into XML. Of course, a successful
conversion will only be as good as the source documents you use!!
2. FrameMaker has it's own built-in PDF creation that includes the ability
to create hyperlinks, bookmarks etc. out of the box.
3. Maintenance of templates in FrameMaker is a lot easier than using other
XML to PDF technologies. This means that template maintenance can remain an
in-house process rather than having to possibly use external expertise to
make changes.
4. FrameMaker is a WYSIWYG system that may be preferable to your authors
whilst still working within the rules defined for your structured
5. Coming from an Interleaf background you should find that switching to
FrameMaker will have a much lower training requirement.
6. Making use of existing structured applications in FrameMaker (e.g. DITA)
you should be able to get up and running relatively quickly.

Kind regards


On 9/5/07 22:22, "Isabelle lopez" <ilopez at TEXASBAR.COM> wrote:

> Hello Framers,
> Our initial plan was to convert our legal publications from Interleaf
> to Frame. We met with a company that suggested that we go the PDF to XML
> route instead, using Arbortext Editor from PTC. We're curious to see
> what you Framers think of this idea. Also, does anyone have experience
> with PTC generally or Arbortext specifically to give us a rundown of
> pros and cons? 
> Thank you very much.
> Isabelle Lopez
> SBOT - TexasBarBooks
> ilopez at texasbar.com
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