Hi Fred

The tool used was CorelDRAW. The charts were created entirely in CorelDRAW and 
exported to SVG, so there should be no multiple layers.

- The problem is not related to a specific font, as it occurs for all fonts in 
my system.
- I can open the SVG in OpenOffice and the fonts are properly displayed. If I 
resave it from OpenOffice, the same problem occurs in Frame.
- As mentioned earlier, the fonts display properly in IE as well.

I also created a small drawing in OpenOffice which I then exported to SVG, and 
the same problem occurs.

Is there a known problem with Frame regarding this issue?

Steven Teasdale
GE Multilin

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What tool was used to create the images you're trying to import?
Was the text perhaps added to an existing SVG image using Word
or some tool that is not primarily a graphics tool? That would certainly
explain the behavior you describe since the callouts would be in a
different layer of the image than the SVG graphic itself.

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>Subject: Text in SVG disappears when importing into Frame
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>Hello all.
>We have a set of flowcharts in SVG format that I would like to import as 
>graphics into FrameMaker. The SVGs display fine in Internet Explorer, but 
>when I import them into a FrameMaker, the text disappears and only the 
>lines are displayed.
>Is this a known issue with FrameMaker, or is it in the way the SVG was 
>The fonts are embedded into the SVG file (with subsetting), the SVG styled 
>with an internal style sheet, and encoded as UTF-8.
>Any insights would be greatly appreciated.
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