Hi Richard,

I'm running WinXP Pro Sp2, FM 7.2. If I have Asian language support enabled, I 
sure don't know how it got that way.  No InDesign or CS.  None of my other apps 
think the font is there -- only FM, and when I try to use it, nothing happens. 
It's just an annoyance every time I scroll through the fonts list. I've tried 
nuking and rebuilding the abobefnt*.list, but it didn't seem to do anything.


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Richard Combs wrote: 

Kozuka (not Kozuko) Gothic and Kozuka Mincho are Adobe Japanese fonts.
Do you have Asian language support enabled in either Windows or FM?
(What versions of Windows and FM, BTW?) I think those fonts come with
InDesign and/or Creative Suite -- are you working with any ID or CS

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