You think that's insulting? When we had a req open for another tech
writer in January, we had people from our shipping department and the
warehouse coming to us and asking us if they could apply for the job. As
if Tech Writing was so easy, someone with shipping or warehouse
experience could do it.

Thank you,


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This is insulting.

A typist is not a technical writer, and "taking edits from subject
matter experts and dropping them into FrameMaker documents" is not
technical writing. You want a stenographer with FrameMaker experience.
You probably *need* a technical writer but don't know what a technical
writer is and would be unwilling to pay for one anyway.

Is it Structured FrameMaker? Unstructured? What version? What plugins?
Do you need index entries? Cross-references? Do you even know what you
are asking for?

John Sgammato
Principal Technical Writer and Curmudgeon etc, etc

This would be a perfect position for someone trying to break into tech
writing as you will be mostly taking edits from subject matter experts
and dropping them into FrameMaker documents.


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