For me, a 100% reliable workaround (so far, but that's several years of
the issue on and off) is to print the document to PS twice. The second
one is always fine.

Deleting the font cache file fixes the problem temporarily for me
(yay!), but when it comes back, printing twice is much quicker than
rebooting as an immediate workaround.

Also, a reliable way for me to tell if a file is corrupted is to search
the postscript for "grenewfont" (case insensitive). 
It beats a visual check of the PDF - sometimes the amount of missing
text is small so hard to spot on a quick check, and visually checking
big documents isn't feasible anyway.

Cheers, Rebecca

>>> "Alison Carrico" <acarrico at> 17/05/07 08:59
I have an intermittent, but incredibly annoying, problem with PDFs
printed from Frame missing large chunks of text at random.  Sometimes
is  just a few words out of a paragraph, sometimes it's the whole
paragraph. Some time ago, I found an article on Adobe's support site
that addressed the issue, but I can no longer reach that page. The
"Knowledge Base" search returns a link to it, but the link gives a
not found" error (quite a number of pages return errors).  

One of the solutions was to change the Graphic Print Quality setting
the printer properties to 300 dpi, which works some of the time.
Sometimes, I can restart either Frame or my machine and print
successfully. Sometimes I can use a different machine.  Sometimes, I
save the file as MIF and print.  Unfortunately, not one of these
always works so I'm looking for a more reliable workaround or perhaps
(dare I hope?) even a permanent solution.  

Is anyone familiar with this problem?  Any help would be much



(I'm running Frame 7.1 on Windows XP with all the latest updates &
printing with Adobe PDF Converter, driver PSCRIPT5.dll version 5.02.)


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