Hi Anita,

Let's say your current anchored frame object is oAFrame. You can use this to 
scroll it into view.

Set oPgf = oAFrame.TextLoc.Object;
Find TextRange(oPgf) ScrollTo;

Then you can use a YesNo message box.

MsgBox Mode(YesNo) Button(iButton)
  'Do you want to move this frame?';
If iButton = YesButton
  // Branch to code to fix frame.
  // Continue loop to find next frame.

Rick Quatro
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Hi all -- 

Framescript question--Frame 7.0p579, FrameScript 4.1R2.

I have a script that moves through a book and sets the left margin of
each graphic to a certain distance based on the context of the anchored
frame.  The basic logic is: If the preceding paragraph tag is A, set the
margin to X.  If it's B, set it to Y ... and so on.  This part works

I now have a book that requires individual inspection of each graphic.
I need to see it to know whether to change it.  The problem is that when
my existing script runs, it doesn't bring each anchored frame into view
in the Frame window.  All I see is the first page of the document and a
bunch of flickering as the graphics are changed.  Is there a way to get
the focus of the window to change as part of the script, so that I just
click Yes or No for each frame?  I'd rather not have to scroll manually
to each anchored frame.

Thanks for any wisdom!

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