Hi Fabio,

In all of my manuals, every chapter starts on the right page.
If there is not enough material on the last (left) page of the previous
chapter, only the header and footer display, the rest of that page is
In my document template, I created a master page for the first page,
then left and right page masters.
Set your Format > Page Layout > Pagination dialog box to:
* Double Sided
* 1st Page Side: Right
* Before Saving & Printing: Make Page Count Even
Try that, it should work for you.

Daniel Doornbos

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Hi All, 

I was simply wondering if it is possible to have the first page of every
chapter in a book begin on the right side, and yet not have FM insert an
empty page at the end of the previous chapter. I've tried several things
including setting the files in the book to start on "Next Available
Page" and to "Delete Empty Pages". This removes the empty page but
assigns the "1st Page Side" to left in the pagination properties of the
subsequent chapter.

Thank you, 

Fabio Di Francesco 


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