Elisabeth SABOT wrote:

> Thanks a mil for the tips. It works great!
> However, I went through the online help (Getting Started, 
> User Guide and Template Reference are the only parts 
> provided) and I browsed the program files on my system but 
> couldn't find any mention of a Style Designer nor Filename 
> marker anywhere so far...
> Is the Style Designer a panel in the application itself? 

IIRC (it's been a while since I've used WWP), Style Designer is only
available in the Professional version of WWP, not the Standard version
that's free with FM. (If it were there, you'd simply go to the Style
menu and select Designer, or click the corresponding toolbar button.) 

The free Standard version of WWP is rather limited. You can generate
output using one of the included templates, but you can't do much to
modify those templates. Style Designer is the tool for modifying
templates (defining new styles, adding macros, etc.). So the question is
whether the pre-built templates in the Standard edition include support
for the Filename marker, because I don't think you can add it if they


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