Thanks for your friendly responses to my mail with the subject 'First
Time Framer'.

The reassurances that I have received from list members have been very
comforting.  The language of frame maker is still alien to me, so I have
not been able to really appreciate the depth of insight that some
comments carry.  What isn't obscured is the fact that people are
passionate about this software because it is empowering in them in their

Where people have suggested downloading addins in response to my
'mailmerge' query (thank you Mike Whickham and Keith Smyth) I have
followed their advice with blind faith.  The downloads are sitting on my
desktop, albeit uninstalled.  I'm waiting until I have bought the
upgrade to 7.2 or 8 before I venture down the mailmerge path.  Unimerge
is a possibile solution too, as is Eric L. Dunn's script, which I will
contact him about.

As I'm not hands-on with FM, I haven't yet encountered the same problems
that people's' helpful hints and tips purport to help me avoid (thaks
Ann Zdunczyk). I have printed these emails for later reference when no
doubt they will save me a great deal of time and frustration.

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