From: "Rene Stephenson" <>

> So, Kenneth, would you say that if you're needing a workhorse for managing
content that has lots of overlap and several versions of output, FM might be
a better choice; whereas if you're not having to manage as much content
overlap or customized output, ID can create more professionally typeset

Yes. Different apps for different jobs.

Further, if you're using a lot of tables, Frame beats ID (although I haven't
worked with the new CS3 tables yet; they have styles now). And as Peter
mentioned, multi-column work, sideheads, and collapsing contiguous space are
three really good reasons to prefer Frame.

But if you find yourself spending several minutes per page trying to pretty
up the text, you may just save yourself some time by using Indesign, even if
you have to work around some of these things.

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