At 12:54 PM -0500 5/29/07, Lise Bible wrote:
>I've not had the greatest luck using CorelDraw graphics directly in
>Frame--most of the manuals I've been editing recently were created by
>my predecessor and the graphics were linked tif's which were
>originally AutoCAD drawings opened in CorelDraw, edited, then exported
>as tif's. However, regarding trying other output formats, recently I
>tried exporting graphics from CorelDraw as wmf's, choosing text in the
>"export text as" dialog box (as opposed to curves). Seems to work well
>for me.
>Lise Bible

I would  not use a metafile like wmf. There are always gotcha's 
hiding in them, and they sometimes don't reproduce well. Using a pure 
graphic format would be better, like png, gif, tiff, or the like.


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