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> Can someone clarify for me the changes in the PDF job options? I'm using
v.7.1 and when setting up a PDF, my options are eBook, Press, Print and
Screen. A friend is using v 7.2 and his options are High Quality Print, PDFA
Draft, PDFX1a2001, PDFX32002, Press Quality, Smallest File Size and

When you choose a job options file, you're making a choice in Acrobat. This
has nothing to do with different versions of Framemaker. My guess is that
you have Acrobat 5 (maybe 6, I skipped it) and your friend has Acrobat 7
(maybe 8, I haven't gotten there yet).

If you want the same job options file as your friend, upgrade Acrobat (not
Framemaker). Make sure you uninstall Acrobat before installing the upgrade.

Kenneth Benson
Pegasus Type, Inc.

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