Since you already have the character formats set up in your template,
you can add similar elements to the EDD that reference the character

For example, you could create a <key> element that refers to the
appropriate character format. Make sure the element uses text range


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Hello, All!

Now that we have created most of the pieces of our EDD, we are at the
stage where we are starting to create material and test the structure.

One dilemma I came across was that of character formats. How or where do
character formats get set up (EDD or formats document)? I know how to
set up character formats in non-structured Frame, so that's not the
problem. I want to have this set up so that when we either reimport the
EDD or the formats, we don't lose the formatting. One example of this is
that our departmental style says that names of keys are in small caps,
which was a character format in unstructured Frame.

Enough rambling by me. Anyone have any advice? I've looked through my
resources to no avail.

Kristy Nolan
Developer II
Ground Ops Training DAL-3TR
Southwest Airlines
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