Unfortunately, there's just too much info to get it on letter size paper and 
have it meet the minimum font specs...unless it goes to more than 
front-and-back, in which case I am told there are issues with it being included 
as a laminated item attached inside the cover of the product. We actually have 
customers who spec the minimum font size for product documentation -  that's 
the proverbial 500 pound gorilla. Doesn't matter if what they want makes sense 
to the vendor or any other customers...if we want to do business with them, we 
have to give them what they want, the way they spec it. I'm not sure if that's 
an engineering fixation driving the doc spec or what.


"Kenneth C. Benson" <kbenson at pegtype.com> wrote:Probably kind of late at 
this point, but have you considered letter size?
For me, at least, printing legal size paper is a real PITA. Involves hand
feeding the paper sideways into a special tray. I don't think I even have
any legal size paper right now. I would probably end up shrinking it onto
letter size and putting on my drugstore glasses.

Kenneth Benson
Pegasus Type, Inc.


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