Hi all,

I am posting this on behalf of a colleague:

I need to save a FrameMaker Book (Frame 7.2) (9 files, approx. 200
pages) to html for use as an online help. FrameMaker has the option of
breaking the web pages according to Headings. This creates small, usable
web pages. I edited the Reference page tables in all of the
Books documents, not just the first doc as is suggested. When I save the
individual files they break at each of the Headings, as advertised. When
I save the Book, I get a mixed bag with some Headings broken off
correctly and others converted to a different format and merged into an
unwieldy web page. My alternative is to save the files individually and
then create links across the new folders in Frontpage. But this
represents a fair amount of work. Any suggestions?

I should mention that I don't have an online help program and my
department is not prepared to purchase one at this time.
Thanks, in advance.

Intel Israel (74) Limited

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