Hi Jim...

A quick test shows me that the name of the referenced inset is visible 
as plain text within the binary FM file (FM7.2). I can't say for sure 
that this is 100% reliable, but I'll bet that it is. You should be able 
to do a text search (using a reliable tool .. not the default Windows 
Search) of the suspect inset host files using the filename of the inset.

The only other way I know of would be with an FDK plugin or FrameScript 
that would crawl the directory structure, open each file and look for 
the inset .. I don't think that such a plugin/script exists, but it 
would be fairly simple to create.

Good luck!


Scott Prentice
Leximation, Inc.

Pinkham, Jim wrote:
> I've learned of an error in a text inset for one of our manuals. It
> poses the obvious question of how many other manuals may carry the same
> error. Is there a streamlined way to determine which manuals may contain
> a particular text inset -- short of opening all 62 books and running the
> archive plug-in on each?
> TIA,
> Jim

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