Bill Swallow wrote:

> Is there a way to create a list of images copied into 
> document? We can create a list of images imported by 
> reference easily enough.

Well, the latter consists of the path and name of the referenced files.
For embedded images, FM doesn't have that information, so the usefulness
of a list or index would be pretty limited: "image1 p. 27, image2 p. 33,
..."). Presumably, if the document has figure captions, a list of
figures gives you more/better information. 

> or...
> Is there an easy way to get a total count of all images in 
> use in a document, where some are imported and some are copied?

If they're all in anchored frames, and if you use a designated pgf
format for anchoring, you could do a list of paragraphs. 

If the doc uses neither figure captions nor dedicated frame anchor pgfs,
you could write a FrameScript to count and/or list by page all the frame
anchors. Or you could go through it manually (or using a FrameScript)
and insert captions and/or anchor pgfs to avoid this situation next
time. ;-) 


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