Lin Surasky asked:

> We moved offices over the weekend, and I reconfigured my dual monitor
> display a little bit. (Not sure if this is what's causing the problem,
> but I just thought I'd mention it in case it's important....) Anyhoo, I
> can't see the Structure View window anymore. When I click the icon, the
> focus shifts off of the document window, but the Structure View window
> is nowhere to be seen. I tried playing with the coordinates in the
> maker.ini file, but either that's not the problem or I'm choosing the
> wrong numbers. Any clues? I'm on FM 7.2, Windows XP Pro 2000 SP-2.

Are you sure you're editing the correct maker.ini file? There are two of them
these days. One contains the standard default settings and is in the base
FrameMaker installation directory. The other one, which can over-ride the 
default maker.ini to implement user-specific preferences, is located in the
Adobe\FrameMaker\7.2 folder within the (hidden) ApplicationData folder,
which is in your personal Documents and Settings directory. Any changes
you make in the default maker.ini will be ignored if conflicting settings are
contained in your user-specific maker.ini.

Fred Ridder

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