dbailey4117 at gmail.com asked
> What do you folks do when you have to import dozens of files as text
> insets? Frame lets me import only one at a time, which is a pain in
> the butt. Ideas?

Well, if the insets are consecutively located in the container document, 
and if each inset source is a single-flow file using the default "A" flow 
name, it should be possible to script it pretty easily using a list of files 
to insert (assuming you have FrameScript...). If there is intervening 
text in the container, you'd have to get a little more clever, placing 
some sort of indication (e.g. a strange text string or a user-defined 
marker) at each insertion point as well as building the list of files. 
And if any of the insets are contained in multi-flow files or use a 
non-default flow name, things get more complicated again because 
you have to identify the flow name in the import process.

Unless this is something I had to do repeatedly (i.e. if I had to build 
dozens of files or an ongoing stream of files that each used dozens 
of insets), I suspect I'd just suck it up and do it by hand rather than 
taking the time to develop a script. It's a little tedious, but really 
shouldn't take *that* long unless you're dealing with many dozens
of insets. And unless you're using the same set of insets over and 
over, you'd probably spend nearly as much time constructing/editing/ 
double-checking the file list for the script as you do to perform the 
actual insertions. And if it really *is* the same set of insets over
and over, you can probably do the insertions once and then copy 
and paste as long as all the container files are inthe same directory.

Fred Ridder

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