Checking back on this. It was a fascinating experiment. I was very
impressed with ComboBook's ability to rapidly generate the "uber book"
from 152 book files scattered amongst subdirectories in a particular
folder. (I created a file list after doing a directory search in
2xExplorer, using that utility's "Print List" function on the found
results, and tweaking in Excel and Word to get my final text file with
the file list massaged and formatted properly.)

Unfortunately, I came to a screeching halt on the Update Book run to
fill in the LOR when FM said "couldn't update this book because it
contains no openable nongenerated files." This is guesswork, but I'm
thinking "this book" refers to one of the component sub-books of the
"uber book." If that's the case, I'm not sure what caused the pause
because Frame appeared to be crunching through several sub-books before
coming to its screeching halt. We still have some FM 5.5 books that
haven't come up for new versions yet and so haven't been converted to FM
7.1. My hunch is that may be the sticky wicket here. 

More ideas, thoughts, and interpretations that may lead to completing
this little test are welcome!

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Yes .. excellent idea. BTW .. if you want an easy way to make an uber
book, check out our ComboBook plugin (it's free) ..


Pinkham, Jim wrote:
> Very cool idea, Carla. Thanks for this! 
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> Jim -
> You don't need to run the archive plug-in on each book.  What you can 
> do is generate an LOR (List of References) file.  Showing text insets 
> is one of the options you can select when you create that file.  
> You're still going to have to touch multiple files and/or books, no 
> matter what you do.
> Depending on how your file are stored, you *could* create a new book 
> just for this where you copy in all of the files from all of the books

> (or folders).  Then add an LOR generated file the list.
> On the reference page setup, use these building blocks (you can remove

> the default pagenum building block if you don't need it).
>       <$fullfilename> -- <$referencename>
>       fullfilename = name of the path and container file 
>       referencename = name of the text inset
> You will get the full path and file name of the container document, 
> and then the name of the text inset.  Use a tab to divide the two 
> building blocks so that you can easily convert the text in the 
> generated list to a table and then sort it by the text inset name.
> Hope this helps.
> -Carla
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