One thing to consider if you have callouts that will need translating is
the expansion in the length of the callout. What terms might fit in the
space allotted in English may or may not in other languages. If they
don't fit, then the translators will need to manually resize the callout
frame (extra cost). Or they'll have to pick a smaller font size to fit
(not following the styles AND extra cost).

For these reasons, we do our callouts using numbers and arrows only on
the graphic itself and a table below the graphic. Yes, it takes up more
room, and is slightly less user-friendly, but it keeps the graphics much
cleaner and makes translations easier.  It was a compromise we chose to
make after consulting with our translators, and has worked well with us
for several years now.


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Adding to what Ann said, ALL text in frames is picked up by the
Translators Workbench and can easily be translated as part of the body
text flow.  Free text winds up at the end of the file.  Although it is
translatable, it take more time and you will be charged for it becasue
they have to look at it separately.  My advice to anyone whose docs have
even the remotest chance of being translated - use text frames for
anything that will be translated, including callouts of course.

I did not see this mentioned so I also wanted to say something about
shortcuts when creating callouts.  Create a callout-sized text frame and
tag the empty paragraph with your callout tag.  Move the frame to the
side of he page.  Then copy and paste the empty frame wherever you need
a callout.
Edit the text in each callout.  Much easier and faster than creating a
new text frame and tagging the text every time.

Hope this helps.

Diane Gaskill
Hitachi Data Systems

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