Hello Framers. I'm having trouble bringing up EPS graphics imported by
reference in FrameMaker 7.2 and FrameMaker 8 documents. JPG, TIF, PNG, and
other formats load quickly. However, a good sized EPS graphic imported by
reference can take 5 minuets or more before it shows up. This only happens
when working off the server. If I copy all files and work locally, EPS
graphics show up almost immediately.

The same EPS graphics load just fine in other applications (FreeHand 9, MS
Word from Office 2003). The IT tech has done data transfer rate benchmarks
and data is moving back and forth between the server and my laptop normally;
laptop is an IBM ThinkPad T60p wide screen, with 3GB RAM, ATI graphics. The
EPS graphics load just fine on my old Pentium III workstation.

Any insight as to what's happening would be appreciated.

R. Pacholke
Sr. Tech. Wr.

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