Theresa de Valence wrote:
> I started a new document from an existing document and failed to delete
> extraneous paragraph tags. Now my list of paragraph tags is enormous. Is
> there a way to get a List of Paragraph Tags which are not used?

There are various plug-ins you can buy that help with these sorts of 
tasks (see for example).

However, a quick work-around for your situation is to delete the 
contents of the pgf catalog and then have FM create and apply the 
formats that are in use.

Open the pgf catalog and click Delete, then delete all the tags. (Quick 
way: Delete the first one, then just hold down the Enter key).
(You may also want to do that with the char catalog.)
 From the File menu, choose Utilities > Create and Apply formats.

FM will repopulate the catalogs with only the tags in use.  (Note, that 
includes tags on master and reference pages.)


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