This actually came up just a few days ago, from another list member.
There *is* such a utility, but I don't know (and can't seem to find out)
whether it is still available. Quadralay used to provide a utility
called the "WebWorks Publisher Import Utility", which I have used for a
couple years now, and it works great for this kind of thing. 

Unfortunately, Quadralay no longer makes it available from their Website
as a download (free OR otherwise...). I have tried emailing them to see
what the current fate of this utility is, but I have been waiting now
four days, and-in typical Quadralay fashion-I have not yet received a
reply to my query. 

In the meantime, I tried locating it elsewhere by Dogpiling it (like
Googling, only better), and I came up dry. I found what I *thought* was
a download site, but it turned out to be a malware site, and I am now
still, three days later, trying to get rid of all the crud that has
infected my computer. So, if anyone out there is finding the same thing,
USER BEWARE!!! Don't download anything that you *think* might be this
utility. IT'S NOT!

The fact is, until I (we) hear from Quadralay, this wonderful little
utility is apparently out of commission. Maybe if enough of us bugged
them about it, they would respond to us and once again make it
available. I'm not terribly optimistic about that, given their past
record, but hey, it's Friday! I can dream, can't I? 

In the meantime, a couple other members of the list suggested a couple
other workarounds for this problem, and maybe you can cull through the
past few days' posts to get them. 

Chuck Beck

Sr. Technical Writer | Infor | Office: 614.523.7302 |
Charles.Beck at 
(Still dreaming of once again having a malware-free computer...and
promising to let you all know if/when/what I find out from Quadralay.)

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I'm having a brain cramp... is there anything out there that helps
import HTML files decently into Frame?  

<<I just know this is going to be one of those DOH! moments...>>


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