I'm trying to define some extra Runing H/Fs in the variables to be
used on the master pages.

My settings are:
     Running H/F 10 = <$paratext[Product Number]>
     Running H/F 11 = <$paratext[Document Title]>
where Product Number and Document Title are paragraph tags

For example, Product Number is a 7-digit number and Document Title
could be something like "specification" or "datasheet". There are
definitely spaces in the variable titles (as shown above) and the 2
variables (Product Number and Document Title) are defined (not blank),
and I generated the book (which shouldn't make any difference) after
updating the variables.

The header using these variables is defined as:
     Running H/F 10 Running H/F 11
(they are right next to each other)

For some reason, the line using the Running H/F 10 and 11 variables is
still blank.  Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong?


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