Milan Davidovic wrote:
> I see that I can import an image (File > Import > File), move it
> outside the anchored frame, delete the anchored frame, and then have
> this apparently unanchored image just sitting there. I seem to be able
> to move it anywhere, though in some places it will cause the insertion
> point to move.

The insertion point is probably moving because the graphic has a 
Runaround property set.

> Have I come across something useful or something I should avoid? 

It's useful when doing page layout docs -- e.g., a 1-page poster.  I 
don't think you'd use it in a book chapter, though others may have 

> if I wanted to read what others have said about this on the Web, what
> search terms would you suggest? "Remove * from anchored frame" gives
> me nothing on Google.

The anchored frame is a red herring.  You can produce the same effect by 
clicking anywhere in the margin of your document so there is no 
insertion point, and then importing the image file.  It will be an 
object on your page, but it won't have a position in your text flow.

See the Help topic, Using the Import command to import graphics.


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