Hi -

I'm using Frame 7.2p158 with Distiller 7.0.7.
I have a book file with about 25 chapters. When I generate a pdf of the
book (or even individual chapter files), some of my cross-references are
"dead" links in the PDF.
I have tried to find a pattern to this problem, but it seems to be
completely random.

I generate PDF using print to file (.ps, Adobe PDF printer) then distill to
My PDF options are set to generate tagged PDF.
I've tried saving my files as MIF files, deleting all the fm files and then
saving them as FM files again, without success.

Does anyone have any idea what could be happening? I've looked through the
archives of the list and through the postings on the acrobat user community
- no luck.

Thanks for any ideas/suggestions ...


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