One other thing just leaped out of your email at me...
Life would probably be much easier and possibly more crash free if you
use more (maybe many more) smaller files. You're implying that your
project is a single file of about 5677 pages... which I think means
that you're ignoring Frame's strong suite, of managing multiple files
as if they were one object.

So, if the "project" is 5,677 pages, how large are the individual
component files in your book file?


On Nov 21, 2007 4:36 AM, Rob Shell <rshell at> wrote:
> Dear Framers:
> I am still using FM 8.2 on an XP platform with 4 gigs of ram. My pdf project
> is at 5,677 pages; heavily indexed and illustrated. I am having problems
> generating a pdf in the "save as" method. Crashes with no clues except the
> arcane (to me) generated error file. Have I arrived at the outer reaches?
> Shorter files (1,000 pp) generate as smoothly as silk. Must I move to
> structured format?

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