Are the code lines individually in table cells, or are all of the lines
really in a single table cell?  Must be a pain if it's only one large

I presume each line is a separate paragraph.  If not I have no idea how
to automate this at all.

If these are not numbered, you could include an autonumber on the RIGHT
side that displays a character from the symbol or wingding families
(using a defined character format tag) to illustrate the carriage return
symbol, such as 0xBF in the Symbol font.  Check in your 'character map'
for an appropriate choice.

You can set the Left indent at some value greater than the First line
indent so the continuation is indented as desired.

On Thursday, November 29, 2007 01:59 PM, Neil Tubb wrote:

| Please help me...I'm working on an SDK programming guide, and I have
| some sample code lines that are just too long. I am told I need to
| indicate that the lines are breaking with some kind of an carriage
| return arrow icon, and then indent the following line. 
| Does anyone have any good ideas on how to do this in FrameMaker? I'm
| using Frame 7.1 on Windows XP. My code samples are done in a single
| table cell.
| Thanks in advance,
| Neil

- Lester 
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