I am working on a file where I am converting the existing paragraph formats
to new formats from a template, and replacing screen capture figures that are
in tables with imported graphics. I am converting the tables to paragraphs so
I can delete the replaced information carefully and keep the original figure
title and any markers established on that paragraph.

Suddenly, FrameMaker is crashing, without any warning. Usually, when FM
crashes, I get some message that it encountered a serious problem and must
close. And, after the application closes, a recover file is created. Not in
this case. The application makes a gong sound and it's gone.

I noticed that when I change the paragraph that holds the figure table is on
the top of the page to another paragraph format, that seems to be when the
crash happens, or it happens when I try to convert that figure table to

I have rebooted, and that doesn't seem to help.

I have saved the file as .mif and back as .fm, but that didn't change

I am working with FrameMaker 7.2, p.158, in Windows XP, service pack 2.

Thanks in advance!

Cecily Beierle

Technical Writer

TCF National Bank

Minneapolis, Minnesota

cbeierle at tcfbank.com


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