Thanks for your answer! There has been a Swedish dictionary since version
2.1 (at least) and all previous versions of FrameMaker works as expected. 

Setting the language to "None" and hyphenate manually is a work-around, but
not acceptable if you have thousands of pages. And, on the other hand, the
Spelling checker will not work if you don't set a language.

It seems to me this is a major bug?


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?mne: Re: Hyphenation in Swedish FM 8

I believe there is no real support for Swedish, is it (I forget, as I
have not used FM8 since Beta testing)?

Did you try to set the language to "None" for the paragraph tags?
After that you can manually hyphenate.

I tried running Dashes Pro on rtf files and it worked except that
their support for Icelandic was not acceptable. You can try the
Swedish version, maybe that one is OK. Then import the rtf into FM8
(with all paragraph tags set to language "None"), and it should be OK.
Unless, of course, that FM8 should not recognize "a-umlaut" as a
regular character and mistake it for some kind of space or punctuation
as it does with "eth" and "thorn".

What Dashes Pro does is basically to insert soft hyphens everywhere
allowed. Not nice to have all the extra characters, but an OK
workaround -- if it plays by the rules of the language. There is a 30
day full trial on it.

Really funny that Adobe does not support more languages in FM which
originates with the UNIX environment where you have both aspell and
ispell to work from. Both have excellent support for most languages.
Both have been GPL (General Public License) for a long time, but maybe
Adobe thinks that is stooping too low? Also Adobe have much better
language support in InDesign, but then, Adobe and Adobe, are they
really the same company after all? Often it really does seem they are


On 10/1/07, Rolf Clausen <rolf at> wrote:
> We have discovered that hyphenation in Swedish does not work in FrameMaker
> 8.0. Words are randomly hyphenated and all settings in Paragraph Designer,
> Advanced tab, like "Shortest prefix/suffix" are ignored.
> Any work-around or other settings to do?
> /Rolf
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