Personally I would include parentheses to clearly indicate what the NOT
clause applies to.  For example,

( "Condition A" OR "Condition B" OR "Condition C" OR "Condition D" ) NOT
"Condition E"

is quite different than

"Condition A" OR "Condition B" OR "Condition C" OR ( "Condition D" NOT
"Condition E" )

I suspect that Frame is generating the message because of the ambiguity
of what NOT applies to.

On  Monday, October 01, 2007 07:20 PM, Flato, Gillian wrote:

| I am trying to create a build expression but Frame keeps telling me
| I am building an invalid build expression. What is invalid about the
| following expression:
| "Condition A" OR "Condition B" OR "Condition  C" OR "Condition D" NOT
| "Condition E"
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