I'm working with Frame 7.0 in a structured document. I have two graphics
in the document. The first is a single-sheet, half-page graphic,
followed by a four-sheet graphic. The first three sheets (of the
four-sheet graphic) are full-page graphics, the fourth sheet is a
half-page graphic. It is this fourth sheet that I'm having the problems

All the graphics (cgm's) are imported by reference into anchored frames.
The three full-page graphics print fine (both hard copy and pdf), but
when I print the fourth sheet (partial page graphic), only the text
that's in the graphic gets printed; the lines in the graphic do not

Here are some of the things I've tried:

I deleted the fourth sheet graphic from the anchored frame, and imported
the half-page graphic from the first illustration in the document; both
text and lines printed fine.

I deleted the half-page graphic from the first illustration and imported
the fourth sheet partial-page graphic; both text and lines printed fine.

I deleted the Fsheet element, the Image element and re-inserted the into
the document. I've re-exported the cgm from the IsoDraw program that I
used to create the graphic; I opened the cgm in IsoDraw and re-exported
that as a cgm; I opened the .iso file of the first illustration graphic,
saved it as a separate document, inserted the lines and text from the
problem graphic, exported that as cgm, imported into Frame document and
tried to print that, all to no avail.

But all that pales in comparison to this: When I put the problem graphic
in it's assigned place in the document and then select the anchored
frame and drag the bottom line of the frame to make the frame full-page,
with the title and figure number lines as the last two lines of text on
the page, the graphic prints (hardcopy and pdf) just fine. If I then
change the depth of the frame to allow any text at all on the page, the
lines in the graphic won't print, but the text in the graphic does

I've also compared the object properties of the problem frame/graphic
with the others in the document, and I can't see any difference in the

If anyone has any helpful suggestions, I'd be grateful for any

Jeffrey Casher

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